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"My main focus is techniques training,

teaching people the skills it takes to

RIDE, RACE and WIN at motocross. 

I can teach anybody who's willing to learn"

-- Jim Gibson

  Jim's Training is done in a patient & relaxed atmosphere while giving the student encouragement to help them learn the key riding techniques.    
  Spend a week with Jim Gibson, training, preparing & riding like a pro.  Each week is scheduled like a typical race week. Jim Gibson's Moto Xcross Training© will introduce the key riding and racing techniques while going through the daily routine of a professional racer preparing for race day.  
  Jim trains with groups all over the world.  Classes are kept small (15 to 25 riders) to ensure each rider gets plenty of individual attention.   
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Evan Clarke
Evan trained with Jim who helped him bring home the hardware!!

"After training with you Evan's riding style dramatically changed and he started carrying a lot more speed. This season he really took to the 65 and has podium-ed almost everything. Your style of riding lets him approach the corners with a lot more speed and handle the bumps very very good. This year he went 3rd on his 50 and 8th his first year on his 65. The 50 race was crazy with the top 5 really battling. 1st to 3rd was just 8 points apart. 2-3  2 points apart. On the 65 5th to 9th were really close as well. All in all it has been an excellent summer without to many injuries and he surprised a lot of people with how fast you made him.  It would be great if I could figure out how we could come there every winter to train.  I need to figure out how to make it a little cheaper with a lot more training. Maybe leave a bike there and just fly in and out.  Thanks for everything"
Mitch Vandemortel
Van de Mortel's are gold cup champion's ! Thanks.
Two holeshots in 450 and first in both motos. Thanks Jim
"Jim Gibson is a master, he evaluated Mitch and instantly made adjustments in every thing from bike to rider,  the results on the track were immediate. Jim saw Mitch's speed and instantly unlocked it thru his ability as a teacher. With Jim Gibson we will be Champion. Thank you Jim
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"Getting ready to wash the bike after a day of riding"
Father & Son Canadian team stayed at the JGMXT Moto Accommodations for a couple of weeks. They also trained with Jim a couple of days each week.

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Celebrity Extreme Sport Shootout
Jim Gibson helped train both Freddie Flintoff, former England cricket all rounder, and legendary basketball player Dennis Rodman for an episode of a new ITV series called "Freddie Flintoff versus the World" where the cricketing legend enlists other athletes to try their hand  at some of the most extreme sports and challenges on offer around the world. 
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School Daze!  Jim Gibson to hold motocross training at Lon Chaney Ranch
Jim Gibson's Motocross Training is now offering motocross training at the exclusive Lon Chaney Ranch near Warner Springs California (30 minutes east of Temecula). 
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     "I provide a consistent year round program that can and will benefit any rider of any age and skill level.  I am holding the keys to success in the world of two wheels and am willing to relinquish them to any rider who is willing to take them.  My main focus is techniques training, teaching people the skills it takes to RIDE, RACE and WIN at motocross.  I can teach anybody who's willing to learn" -- Jim Gibson     
Jim Gibson has over thirty years of riding experience in virtually every type of off road motorcycle riding, specializing in Motocross.   As a former factory Honda and Yamaha rider, member of the U.S. team that won the gold medal at 1982 Motocross des Nations, and 1983 World Championships Bronze medalist he understands what it takes to be successful in our sport. 


Private, Racer, Group or Camps ... Jim offers a wide variety of training options ...


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