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1982 Motocross Des Nations

(Left to right)

David Bailey, Johnny O,

Danny Magoo Chandler, and Jim Gibson

Jim Gibson has over thirty years of riding experience in virtually every type of off road motorcycle riding, of course specializing in Motocross.  As a former factory Honda and Yamaha rider, member of the U.S. team that won the gold medal at 1982 Motocross des Nations, and the 1983 World Championships Bronze medalist he understands what it takes to be successful in our sport.  Jim Techniques training focus on ...


Key Riding Techniques


Precise Braking


Jumps and Whoops

Line Selection and Passing



Jim Gibson working his way to a 1st place finish in Vintage A.   Check out the great photo by Joe Bonnello labeled

"Jim Gibson working his way to a 1st place finish in Vintage A." 

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Perris, CA


Jim Gibson and some of his race buddies from back in the day including 1980 Supercross Champion Mike "Too Tall" Bell, former factory Yamaha and Honda rider Scott Burnworth, and Marty Tripes,  Frank Vretta .... Read about the day at CALVMX


Pictured are from left to right Jim Gibson, Marty Tripes,  Frank Vretta, Scott Burnworth, and Mike Bell. 

    Vintage World Championships 2003
February, 2009
By Russ Rohrer

"Glen Helen Raceway Park gave us another fantastic weekend of racing. This time, we've gone back in history. Rick Doughty's Vintage Iron World Championships brought some classic bikes and classic people out of retirement to tear it up at Glen Helen's National track. The Race of Champions" brought us Ron Lechien, Jim Gibson, Jim Holley, Warren Reed, Brian Myerscough, Gary Jones, and other past masters for some great competition.
 " read more ...

Jim Gibson

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