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Jim's Moto Xcross Techniques have impacted riders around the world at all levels and ages.  Learn the Techniques used by riders like Loretta Lynn's Champion Michael Lapaglia, Arenacross Stars Keith and Kevin Johnson, Asian F.I.M. Champion Kenneth San Andres, WMA riders Elizabeth Bash and Sarah Price and many up and coming champions. 

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Mitch Vandemortel

Van de Mortel's are gold cup champion's ! Thanks.
Two holeshots in 450 and first in both motos. Thanks Jim

Testimonial: Our training is solid, and I believe in our natural ability. Then we called on jim.  Jim Gibson is a master, he evaluated Mitch and instantly made adjustments in every thing from bike to rider,  the results on the track were immediate. Jim saw Mitch's speed and instantly unlocked it thru his abilityas a teacher. With Jim Gibson we will be Champion. Thank you Jim 

Pictured ... Jim and Mitch Vandemortel Training at Glen Helen prior to
Mitch cinching the Gold Cup series.

"Getting ready to wash the bike after a day of riding"
Father & Son Canadian team stayed at the JGMXT Moto Accommodations for a couple of weeks. They also trained with Jim a couple of days each week.
Celebrity Extreme Sport Shootout

Jim Gibson helped train both Freddie Flintoff, former England cricket all rounder, and legendary basketball player Dennis Rodman for an episode of a new ITV series called "Freddie Flintoff versus the World" where the cricketing legend enlists other athletes to try their hand  at some of the most extreme sports and challenges on offer around the world.



Motocross Action Magazine

Jim Gibson's Motocross Training is now offering motocross training at the exclusive Lon Chaney Ranch near Warner Springs California (30 minutes east of Temecula). 

The track is over three minutes long and has elevation changes of over 1000 feet, The dirt is loamy sand, with natural motocross sections, uphills, down hills, off cambers, with some super-cross like sections added.  Jim Gibson feels that the track is one of the best in California, especially for training, in that it offers virtually every scenario or challenge that a motocrosser might encounter. This makes the track the ultimate training facility not to mention one of the most fun tracks you've ever ridden.

Chaney Ranch motocross also offers these accommodations; Camping under the 500-year-old oak trees with full hook ups, or reserve a few days in the brand new beautiful custom house just a few hundred feet from the track.

Jim has added this option to his current training programs. Schedule a training session with Jim in Southern California at one of the local tracks or arrange for him to travel to your area and train on a track of your choice. 

For more info contact Jim Gibson at or write or call (951) 698-9272. 

By Steve Caro, Otay Lakes, CA. March 28

The inaugural Jim Gibson/CALVMX Motocross School took place under clear skies and plenty of wind Sunday,
March 28.  A class of 19 riders was enrolled to learn the techniques the former factory rider and Moto Cross of Nations
team member had accumulated during his highly successful career.

From several pre-75 machines through the Post Vintage class and up to and including three modern bikes, the line
up of bikes spanned the history of motocross. Gibson’s syllabus stressed technique over machine capability which
allowed for easy accommodation of the various era machines.

Gibson’s first lesson on the day was illustrating the centers of the machine. They consist of the...  
By shifting weight forward and aft, the rider can change the weight bias of the machine
which in turn will affect the reaction of the machine to the course.

Throughout the day, Gibson emphasized minimal body movement on the bike. He stressed keeping the majority of
the riders’ weight centered towards the rear of the machine with the rider leaning forward in the “attack” position with
both elbows up. He pointed out that with everything going on during a race, it was a waste of energy to be moving
unnecessarily on the bike.

One of the most interesting topics covered in the class was cornering. Proper body and weight position enable the
machine to turn when and where the rider wants to go. Weight on the inside peg was shown to be all that was needed to
get a machine turned. Sometimes a mere tilt of the head and shoulders was enough for a turn. Used individually or in
combination depending on the situation, both will benefit the individual rider tremendously.

Other subjects covered during the day included proper use of both brakes combined with a downshift, extensive
coverage on proper starting technique (smooth clutch action over drag bike style dump the clutch and hammer the
throttle) and mentally linking the track together ala road-race style instead of breaking the obstacles into individual units.
“Maintain a flow” is how Gibson put it.

Obviously one six-hour course is not going to turn a rider into a potential world champion. With an instructor like Jim
Gibson, it will however provide the individual with a basic skills package to allow the rider work at taking his/her riding
ability to the next level.

The Jim Gibson/CALVMX Motocross School is well worth the ultra-low tuition fee. Gibson’s low key demeanor and
thoroughness in his instruction will benefit any rider no matter what their skill level is. If you have the desire to improve
your ability and want to spend time with one of the best racers of his time, check the schedule for his next school. You
will not regret your investment.         

I raced District 37 desert races for many, many years.  When in my 50's I decided to try something different & joined the Oldtimers Motocross racing.  Going from desert to motocross was a change because I was not use to gate starts, my cornering needed improvement and I needed to learn how to do jumps.

I went to Jim Gibson's school & what a noticeable improvement!  I learned how to start, jump, corner, and concentration.  Jim is an excellent teacher, he seems to understand each individual & works hard to help them.  Sometimes I go back to his school for a refresher class & it always helps.  In my opinion he is the best for "one on one" training.

I am 63 years old now & still racing oldtimers motocross.  In 2008 I raced a summer night series with SoCalOldTimersMX & won the series for 60 Am.  In 2009 I received the number "1"  plate for District 37 AMA motocross series in the 60 master A class.  Cleyon Loonsfoot..
  Jim has been providing some private sessions for ex pro rugby player, Australian Brett Morrison.


"Thanks for your brilliant coaching, your years of experience, focus on technique and race drills have made me a far better rider.  Your ability to communicate and demonstrate techniques has made you one of the best coaches I have had the privilege to work with and as a former pro athlete I feel I`ve become a better athlete under your coaching.  I highly recommend you to every rider who wants to become a better faster rider."

Thanks again, Brett Morrison

  MAKE A WISH -- Daniel's Wish to go

"Daniel and his family met Jim Gibson (ex Moto-Cross Champion) and were introduced to the rest of the Lake Elsinore Motocross Team.  After their inital meeting Jim kitted Daniel out in his biker leathers and took him on a one-to-one instruction scheduled ride, so that Daniel could get a feel for the track under the watchful eye of Jim!

After a few tips from the ex-champ, Daniel (& his Dad) were on their own, blazing a trail through the track.  They spent 4 days on different bikes and tracks, while Mum and his sisters did a spot of retail therapy!"

read more ... 



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* Cross training is when the rider participates / experiences, other similar or related sports and activities to help the rider more quickly and sometimes more specifically and efficiently learn the techniques it takes to ride motocross. IE snow skiing can help with form and learning to use body weight over the feet to turn, among a few others that exist just in the aspect of snow skiing.
Will you need accommodations while training with JGMXT?



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