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 Jim Gibson (951) 265-7866
Jim's Moto Xcross Techniques have impacted riders around the world at all levels and ages.  Learn the Techniques used by riders like Loretta Lynn's Champion Michael Lapaglia, Arenacross Stars Keith and Kevin Johnson, Asian F.I.M. Champion Kenneth San Andres, WMA riders Elizabeth Bash and Sarah Price and many up and coming champions. 

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Jim Gibson's Moto-cross Training CAMPS
Contact Jim at (951) 265-7866 to sign up!!

Schedule one on one training with Jim at your convenience.  

Jim's Training is done in a patient & relaxed atmosphere while giving the student encouragement to help them learn the key riding techniques.


He can demonstrate by riding with you on his own bike, or by intently watching you from the side of the track, making sure you get the kind attention you need to succeed.  First Jim will teach you basic techniques and concepts, then he will help you to find "center", guiding you to the sweet spot on each technique.

He will also give you some home work by demonstrating some drills and exercises that you can practice on your own.  Between classes, you can spend as much time as you need bringing your skills to proficiency before your next class, or you can have Jim coach you through.

Jim's goal is for you to have a pleasant training experience realizing that we all don't learn best in exactly the same way.

I look forward to training with you.  -- Jim


Spend a week with Jim Gibson, training, preparing & riding like a pro.  Each week is scheduled like a typical race week. Jim Gibson's Moto Xcross Training© will introduce the key riding and racing techniques while going through the daily routine of a professional racer preparing for race day. Each rider will be evaluated and the program will be modified to meet their specific needs.  Because the program is held in Southern California, classes are held all year long, and you will be riding the same tracks used by many of the world's top racers.

Each week long training program includes:

- Motocross skill training with lots of on track practice.

- Each student will receive a FREE T-shirt from JGMXT & discounts from our sponsors

  Physical training, to include cardio, strength, and flexibility.

- Diet and Nutrition counseling.

- Bike setup and mechanical preparation.

- Race at one of local tracks (optional)

- Dorms and Meals provided




$1,500 for group
$1,750 for private Camp


(1/2 total ) Deposit, registration and release forms must be received by one week before camp dates.  
Jim trains with groups all over the world.

Classes are kept small (15 to 25 riders) to ensure each rider gets plenty of individual attention. 

Jim's goal is for every rider in the class, to reach his or her maximum potential for any given training session.

Please contact us if you would like to see Jim have a school at your local or private track.

Semi-private training with your own group is also available.

Jim Gibson's Motocross Training 4 Day Camp provides a comprehensive training program that will educate the rider to the basic aspects in the life of a professional motocross racer.


By participating in many of the basic activities of a professional motocross racer through daily instruction, Professional seminars, and hands on applications, each rider will get the chance to experience first hand the routine and daily activities that a

professional motocross racer is involved in. 


Riding, and Techniques Training will be done at some of Southern California's more popular MX Tracks.


The week long camp program will be organized and on a schedule, yet presented in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. After all, we learn best when were having fun.


- 4 day camp - 4 day camp is $1,500.00  

- Private camp is $1,750.00

- Bike rental available, prices depend on availability, bike rental is extra


Let Jim know how to contact you, a little about

yourself, your riding and racing and what program

you would like more information about.


Simply completing the following form.


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